М.Железняк (ironyak) wrote,


Аська вернулась из Майами с победой в номинации "Лучший короткий фильм".

Ну, зулусов...Ну, эвенков...
Ну, еще туда-сюда...      
Но евреев с их нетленкой
Обойти... Вот это да...          

12508752_1122596437774323_4692682373914803444_n (1)

We are so proud to announce the winner of the 2016 Miami Jewish Film Festival Short Film Competition Award is GROUND FLOOR, directed by Israeli filmmaker Asya Eizenstein!

Film Movement issues the following statement about GROUND FLOOR:

"We were impressed by 'Ground Floor''s innovative animation. Asya Eizenstein's short film achieves an almost dream-like quality that manages to contain a multitude of feelings in its brief three minute runtime. As fans and champions of the short film format, we were excited to see this work, which shows how much can be accomplished in such a brief runtime. We think it will fit perfectly among Film Movement's wide catalog of shorts, and look forward to Eizenstein's next project."

А это мой, пятилетней давности, пост - http://ironyak.livejournal.com/13565.html
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